Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day -2

Tomorrow morning I will get on a plane to fly across the country to San Diego to attend my very first Comic Con.  I would describe my current mood as somewhere between frazzled and terrified.  Nevertheless, I'm sure there's also some sheer joy mixed up in that too.

As the consummate planner, I'm making my checklists and compounding my frazzled state by reminding myself how much I have to do still.
  • Plan my schedule (Check)
  • Resolve schedule conflicts or develop Madrox-like super powers (Still working on it)
  • Gather up comics for potential autographs (Mentally completed, physically procrastinating)
  • Acquire appropriate t-shirts to wear to prove that I am there for the comics and not the vampires (Double Check)
  • Pack (Will complete at absolute last possible moment)
  • Everything I forgot (Uh...)
I hope to attend a few panels that will leave me with something appropriate to say for this blog, or at least quivering with nerdgirl glee.  Wish me luck.

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